The hunt for the Red Heifer begins

The hunt for the Red Heifer begins

Why search for a cow? These Red Heifers can bring world peace! The bible teaches us, that the key for building the Third Temple (the House of Prayer for All the Nations) is purifying us with the red heifer in Jerusalem. You can help us with our 2,000 year old hunt!

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Why is a cow so important?

Let’s find out!

One of the most enigmatic mitzvahs in the Torah is the parah adumah, the red heifer, which was used for ritual purification. Here is an overview of the mysterious red heifer, which left even King Solomon, the wisest of all men, scratching his head in wonderment.

Once someone is ritually unpure, one could not enter the Holy Temple or partake of the sacrificial offerings or other sacred foods. In order to be purified, one had to be sprinkled with a special mixture of spring water and ashes from the burned remains of the red heifer.

★ From one lone star state to another...
The hunt is on the way, so we flew to Texas.


On July 5th 2021, a special mission team of Rabbi’s flew from Jerusalem to Texas. They joined with our team members to go and inspect several Red Heifers belonging to a Rancher in Comanche Texas.

The requirements for the Red Heifer are very detailed. First it must not have any blemishes. This is a huge challenge as most ranchers put ear tags in their animals on the day they are born. 

Our team and the Rabbi’s were very encouraged. Two of the 5 untagged Heifers were extremely close to passing. One heifer had a very small white spot. Otherwise it was perfect. The other had some hairs that could be red or black. So the hunt continues!

What You Can Do To Help In The Redemption Process


Let’s put out into the universe that we want world peace, the Third Holy Temple & the Red Heifer.


Watch out for any red heifers in your area or reach out to Ranchers that own cows.


Educate those in your circle of influence about the Hunt for the Red Heifer. 

Inspected a Red Heifer?

If anyone has inspected an animal and feels it is a candidate for us, please be in contact. Your information will be sent directly to our Team Leader, Byron Stinson.

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Give & be part of the mission

A generous donor has offered Boneh Israel a $50,000.00 matching donation toward the Red Heifer hunt. We ask everyone to pray about matching all or a portion of that amount.

Interested in donating with check or bank transfer, please contact: [email protected]

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Donate $50 or more and get a FREE copy of our book!


Israel is an exciting destination with unmatched holy & natural beauty with adventure. Come see the site of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Step Into The Story of
The Red Heifer
Ray Bently / October 20, 2021

We bring humanity together by following the signs of the times and connect world events with ancient biblical prophecy. There are Rabbis that fly from Israel to America to talk to congregations about the hunt for the Red Heifer. 

The Ceremony with
the Red Heifer

Once a candidate was found, and there was need for more purifying ash water, the cow would be slaughtered and burned on a pyre, along with a cedar branch, hyssop sprig and crimson wool. The ceremony took place on the Mount of Olives, opposite the Temple Mount.

The ashes would then be mixed with carefully guarded water drawn from the Shiloach spring. Those who came in contact with the dead would be sprinkled with the ash water on the third and seventh days after their defilement. On the seventh day, they would immerse in a mikvah, and that night they would revert to their original pure status.

Since there is no longer a Temple in Jerusalem, the rituals of the red heifer—as well as most of the laws surrounding ritual purity—will be applicable only in the messianic era.