BONEH Israel was established in January of 2021 to help support the work of Uvne Yerusalim for building projects and Reshit Jerusalem for educational purposes in Israel. BONEH is a hebrew word meaning restore by constructive work. The board of directors for BONEH Israel thank you in advance for considering this worthy cause in Israel.

Uvne Yerusalim, meaning "The beginning or Genesis First Fruits of Jerusalem" is a non-profit foundation in Israel and was established in 1997. It has been involved in restoring and preserving historical biblical sites and educating current and future generations. Uvne Yerusalim offices are located at Samuel the Prophet mountain north of Jerusalem. It is the site of Samuel’s tomb.

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Hunt for the Red Heifer

On the Hebrew (Gods) calendar this is the year of the Red Heifer. What does that mean? We are not sure. Maybe it means it is the year the Red Heifer will be found. Or maybe it means this is the year that we Christians join with our Jewish fathers of the faith and start the hunt!

On July 5th 2021, a special mission team of Rabbi’s flew from Jerusalem to Texas. They joined with our team members to go and inspect several Red Heifers belonging to a Rancher in Comanche Texas.

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About Us

We are Christian believers in the Covenant God made with the family and descendants of Abraham.

The covenant between Abraham and God consisted of three separate parts:

  • The promised land
  • The promise of the descendants
  • The promise of blessing and redemption

We work as a team with Jewish partners on the ground in Israel. Together we are protecting Biblical sites and educating Bible believers around the globe.

The Plan

We are building a strong team of individuals and couples who love God, and who want to support projects in Israel. These projects reflect the truth and evidence of the Bible. We plan to be part of seeing ancient prophecy fulfilled by our work. One of those projects is producing an educational video on the meaning and events of Gilgal. We also plan to open an education center at the archaeological site.

The Team

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed believers in God can change the world" ~ Anonymous

Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount are the Epicenter of a spiritual battle worldwide. Our team members recognize this and want to do more than watch. We want to act.


Donations to the BONEH Israel are tax deductible in the U.S. and can be made by mailing a check to BONEH ISRAEL at: 5411 Acton Hwy, Granbury, TX 76049 or by the PayPal button below. All donations are appreciated and will be 100% forwarded and deposited into the Uvne Yerusalim general fund. Tax certificates of donation are provided each year.