One of Boneh Israels projects is producing an educational video on the meaning and events of Gilgal. We also plan to open an education center at the archaeological site.

Why is this the plan?
4 So Joshua summoned the twelve men 5 and told them, “Go out into the middle of the Jordan where the Ark is. Each of you is to carry out a stone on your shoulder—twelve stones in all, one for each of the twelve tribes. 6 We will use them to build a monument so that in the future, when your children ask, ‘What is this monument for?’ 7 you can tell them, ‘It is to remind us that the Jordan River stopped flowing when the Ark of God went across!’ The monument will be a permanent reminder to the people of Israel of this amazing miracle.
Joshua 4:4-7

Step 1 - Complete

Through the work of our team members we erected a Tower of Witness at the actual site of Gilgal. Additionally, we have completed dirt work for bus parking and future building foundation at the site. Funding needed for this work. $200,000.00 US dollars. Complete.

Step 2 - Funded! Production in process

Produce a high quality multi language video that explains some of the significant events and meanings of Gilgal. Funding needed for this project is $28,000.00 Once the video is produced it will be used in different important ways. It will be placed on websites, shared to churches and other groups to help educate and explain the significance of Gilgal. The video will also be used by our team members in Israel to accomplish stringent permitting procedures for further opportunities on site at Gilgal to educate tourists in Israel.

Step 3 - Next

Government permits and permissions for building the Gilgal experience. At this point we are being careful to budget the amount needed. For those not familiar with permitting in Israel, well let's say it can be expensive and time consuming. We must have a staff member to meet with all the appropriate authorities in order to hopefully obtain permissions. This permitting process will not start before the video is produced, as the video will be essential for obtaining the permits. We will have some time to raise these funds!

Step 4

Build the Gilgal Experience
Upon the approval of plans by the property authorities in Israel we plan to build a new experience in Israel for visitors from around the world. Educating them on the importance of this site, allowing them to return to their homes with this knowledge.

Step 5

Fund Operations at the Gilgal Experience
Once construction is funded and in process we will begin raising funds to help support the operations of the Gilgal Experience. From utilities and insurance to salaries and educational materials, your donations will help us educate visitors from around the world.

Step 6

Open the Gilgal Experience
We hope to have enough operations funding in place by the time construction is complete so we can open the very day construction is complete.