Hunt for the Red Heifer Begins!

On the Hebrew (Gods) calendar this is the year of the Red Heifer. What does that mean? We are not sure. Maybe it means it is the year the Red Heifer will be found. Or maybe it means this is the year that we Christians join with our Jewish fathers of the faith and start the hunt!

On July 5th 2021, a special mission team of Rabbi’s flew from Jerusalem to Texas. They joined with our team members to go and inspect several Red Heifers belonging to a Rancher in Comanche Texas.

The requirements for the Red Heifer are very detailed. First it must not have any blemishes. This is a huge challenge as most ranchers put ear tags in their animals on the day they are born. This causes a blemish, and even if the calf is perfectly red it is not usable for the purpose of The Red Heifer purification process found in the Bible.

Our team and the Rabbi’s were very encouraged. Two of the 5 untagged Heifers were extremely close to passing. One heifer had a very small white spot. Otherwise it was perfect. The other had some hairs that could be red or black. If red, they were so dark red, that some team members felt they looked black. All of us wanted to say “this is the one" but in the end, decided if it was not 100% clear to everyone that the animal was pure red, it must be denied.

So the hunt continues! We realized that one of the biggest hurdles is to educate ranchers who raise Red Angus or Santa Gertrudis cows. They need to know that we are hunting a perfectly unblemished red Heifer and that holes in the ear ruin them.

Amazingly the doors opened for us to tape interviews on two shows, explaining our mission. These interviews will go out on 5 different media platforms, including Daystar and other large TV shows. In addition the information will be shared by many social media outlets. As those shows are edited and ready to go we will post them on this site as well.

Strong efforts are underway to contact as many ranchers as possible through magazines and direct contact, to explain about the Red Heifer and the importance of first inspection, before tagging the animal.

For now, we are asking all men and women of faith, who want to see the 3rd temple rebuilt and Messiah to come bringing peace to our world, to be praying, watching and educating those in your circle of influence about the Hunt for the Red Heifer. Get more updates and become part of the team

If anyone has inspected an animal and feels it is a candidate for us, please use the contact page. Your information will be sent directly to our Team Leader, Byron Stinson.

One last very important thing. A generous donor has offered Boneh Israel a $50,000.00 matching donation toward the Red Heifer hunt. We ask everyone to pray about matching all or a portion of that amount.

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