Add your Herd to the Hunt

We are searching for a 100% pure Red Heifer. This Heifer will be used in Israel for a ceremony of purification. This ceremony is the first step toward building a Third Temple on Mount Moriah. Just as the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel is fulfillment of Bible prophecy, the finding of the Red Heifer will also be a fulfillment.

If your red heifer calf meets the qualifications, we will pay top dollar for her, ship her to Israel, and if she is chosen to be used in the ceremony, we will pay a bonus of $15,000 to the seller.

  • Completely 100% red
  • No Scars or wounds (this includes an ear tag)
  • No other defects
  • Never Haltered
For the Red Heifer to be selected it must never be tagged. Tagging makes a hole in the ear and disqualifies the Heifer. It must be 100% spotless red. It can not even have two hairs side by side that are black or white. Additionally the animal must not have carried any type of load or been yoked/haltered.

Signing up will add your ranch to our system and we will give you information about how to contact us, in the event you have a calf that meets the criteria.