The Team

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed believers in God can change the world" ~ Anonymous


Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount are the Epicenter of a spiritual battle worldwide. Our team members recognize this and want to do more than watch. We want to act.


My name is Byron Stinson. I am the organizer of the team working on the ground in Israel. I am just one member of the team. As the leader, I want you to know that no team member donations will go to my family. It is the heart of my wife and myself to give and not receive. If you have a desire to Stand with Israel and actively participate in rebuilding Biblical sites, please join us. Become a valued member of the BONEH ISRAEL team. (Build Israel) We are not looking to put a financial burden on team members. Our projects are kept simple and Bible-based.


We absolutely believe in and need prayers and loving encouragement plus support from everyone on the team to accomplish our goals. To accomplish goals we must have financial assistance. The level of that assistance is the amount each team member can joyfully give from the abundance the Lord has provided them. It could be $1.00 or $100,000.00. The amount is not important, participating as the Lord leads each member is what is important.